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Arrival in Kenya

We arrived! We can't even really complaint about anything. It was a long time on airplanes, with a pretty tight connection, but we and all of our bags made it. We had three official stops on the way in - health, immigration and customs. All of them went smoothly. In fact, the person that we spoke with in customs just asked us to tell him what was in each of our bags and then sent us on our way (lots of people were being made to open their bags so that they could be inspected). We were met outside of the airport by Robert, who is going to be our driver for most of our time here. It was even surprisingly calm at the airport, but I attribute that to it being a Sunday morning. Robert brought us to Sandavy Guest House, which will kind of serve as our base for the trip. As always, everyone here is incredibly friendly. They are even working on making sure that Alex knows some basic Swahili. The drive here was familiar and I saw many things that I remember, but it has been too long - I could not have done it from memory. We were pretty exhausted when we got here. Alex crashed for a nap for a few hours and that caused him to miss the monkeys that were outside trying to get the mangos off the tree. (In fairness, I was sitting inside reading and missed them too, but when Alex got up everyone came in and told him that they wanted him to see them, but they were gone). David came by after church and we were able to catch up and he went over some of the details with us for our trip. We understand from David that Bishop Henry is in Nairobi now and plans to come by for dinner (in fact, I think I hear his car out there now). Plans are to get dinner, get sleep, and get ready to head out to the Mara tomorrow!

PS -- Discussion at dinner confirmed that I am to preach out near Sakwa on Sunday. Not say a few words. Not lead a prayer. Preach. Easter. With a translator. Prayers of support gladly welcomed!

This is the gate protecting guest house.

Sandavy Guest House

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