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Much can be done without a travel commitment.  Here are a few ways you can respond to the Lord's call in your heart to reach out and make a lasting impact:

> Become a prayer partner

> Provide financial support

> Share useful vocational and health training material and curriculum

> Share with your family, friends, groups, and/or church about the ministry.

> Contact us about our greatest current need. Have an event or fundraiser to meet a need.

> Become a volunteer. Share your passion and knowledge hands-on with those with which we serve and minister. Plan a team or solo trip to work with the ministry--we'll help.


We at Hope Africa Ministries, Inc. have the following needs with which we could use your assistance: 

Sponsoring pupils at Hope Educational Centre through Help4Hope. Currently we try to help the orphans and most needy pupils. Through a specified donation, a pupil receives all tuition and fees paid for one school year, two uniforms, sweater, socks and shoes, a bookbag, and textbooks.

New bridge for the creek behind our school property which some of our pupils, staff, and the community use. The bridge has missing boards and is unsafe. Cost for this to be determined.

Empowerment Projects for the people with which we minister to have a job and income for their needs. In the past we have provided for an egg hatchery, chickens to raise for selling eggs, equipment for a hair salon, and a sewing machine for tailoring. We would like to expand on this helping ministry and continue with some projects and add new ones. We would like to continue with a chicken project--raising chicks and/or eggs for sale. We would like to add a honeybee project where families have beehives to sell honey. And we are considering a sewing project for the making of school uniforms, repairs, etc. Costs for these projects vary.

Administrative offices, kitchen and multi-purpose hall. We are considering repurposing and restructuring our existing iron-sheet classroom block into a large, central multi-purpose room for meetings, seminars, etc., enclosed by an office and a kitchen at either side. Eventually we would like to have a new structure here for these areas, but for now, we'd like to remove some inner walls and possibly add some beams to support the roof. Cost for this to be determined.


If you are interested in assisting in any way with one or more of these projects, please contact us through one of the ways listed in our contacts. 


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