Hope Educational Centre

Hope Educational Centre is a Christian primary school located in the rural area of Sakwa/Kisii, approximately 20 minutes drive from the nearest paved roads, about 7 hours northwest of Nairobi.  Though in the "bush", it is a beautiful area with lush vegetation, consisting of many colorful flowers and trees and crops such as corn, bananas, tea and coffee.  


The school was started in 2007 in partnership with Christ Church and Hope Africa, with the vision of providing a quality Christian education for the poorest of the poor.  The school began with 23 pupils and added one class per year, and now has a full early childhood development program—with baby, nursery, and pre-unit classes—as well as Standards 1 through 8. The school has 11 classrooms with 15 staff members who include the school manager, teachers, accountant, cook, and matron, with an enrollment of around 300 pupils.  The school has a number of HIV+ and orphaned students.  


The school was originally housed on a small plot of rented property for about five years -- Over that time Christ Church and Hope Africa helped to buy supplies, pay teachers, obtain government certification, provide medical care for the students and improve the conditions of this school that met in dark stick and mud structures on rented land. However, the only way that the school could be assured a solid future was to make sure that the building and land could not be taken away, as often happens in impoverished, poorly regulated areas such as this. So to ensure a permanent school home, we purchased three acres of land in April 2014, on which to build a permanent school and other facilities so they can continue to grow and serve the community of Sakwa. Our goal is to have 6 classrooms complete, along with toilet block, ready for the 2016 school year. As of January 2016 the roof was on with a few things to finish–toilets, install windows and doors, put up a temporary office, build steps, install gutters for water catchment, and clear the ground. Our Help Build Hope campaign continues, with the second floor of the school to be added in the future. 


The school performs well on the end-of-term and end-of-year exams, often placing individual students and grade levels in the top three schools within their zone. The Kenyan Standard 8 December 2015 exam results are now in, and we are pleased to report that our kids all scored in the top 20% nationally and our average score was over 100 points higher than the national average for private schools.


The school library has grown due to recent donations — These books are used by the teachers and matron to read to the pupils as well as the upper primary pupils who read a book per week and then write book reports. This activity is to increase reading and improve reading comprehension.  


A school store has also been added. In it pupils can buy pens, pencils, rulers, and exercise books at half price — Plans are to add the sale of school uniforms when additional funding is obtained. The main reason for this store is to help the pupils have the materials they need at a price their families can afford.  


For fun and good health, sports—like jump rope, frisbee, football (soccer), handball, netball, volleyball and track and field—are main extra-curricular activities. The school has added some performance groups and an art class to provide extra activities for the pupils to develop their talents.  





Pastor Gideon and friends, working to obtain food, medicine and jobs.


Mumomatei Foundation

Mumomatei Foundation, founded by Pastor Gideon Ngila, was formed in 2010, but he has been working with some of its 35 clients for many years.  Clients are located in the in the Dandora and Mathare slums in Nairobi.


Mumomatei is formed from the words grace and mercy in Pastor Gideon’s mother tongue (Kikamba) and this is what he provides by giving support and encouragement to the clients as they live being HIV+.


During these visits, the clients share about their current situations—health, income, food, rent, children's school fees, concerns, and needs. They also share scripture, a devotion, and pray together. Home-based care programs mainly provide care, support, and encouragement though sometimes Pastor Gideon is able to bring items like food, blankets, clothes, Bibles, health kits, medicine, and/or money.


All of these things are provided through donations of those who support and care about these people. Recently 18 lap quilts--made by a group of ladies at Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church in Greenville, North Carolina--were given to the clients. This is an example of donations made in love and concern by people half a world away.


Some of the clients have grouped together to form business ventures to help provide for their food, rent, school fees, and other necessities. One of these ventures is an egg hatchery used to raise and sell chicks and grown chickens. Although they have this small business, as well as tailoring and a hair salon; they are struggling to buy food, pay rent, and/or pay school fees for their children.


Please consider helping these people living HIV+ as they struggle with the basics of life.





Hope Africa Ministries and our partners continue to focus on basic health issues. Through the generosity of one such partner, the students and teachers at HEC receive regular visits and examinations from medical professionals. When health problems have been discovered that call for a higher level of treatment than they can provide on site, we have supported students and their families in traveling to hospitals in other cities to receive medical treatment.  With help from another partner, we have sponsored lectures in local communities to train and inform people on basic preventative health issues.


Hope Africa Ministries is also known to support in various ways other ministries such as: Joysprings School in Kibera/Nairobi and Noah’s Boat—an orphanage of 68 children located in Ogembo. We also conduct seminars to provide health education; pastors and leaders trainings; and Sunday School Teacher Trainings.

Classroom at Hope Educational Centre