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Facebook Updates

Here are some Facebook updates from the past day for those of you not on Facebook...

From Roberta yesterday afternoon:

Heart-felt, passionate, thought- provoking preaching by Tony Jones in Kisii on Easter. (Watch out, Pastor John Speight!) Then a safe, laughter-filled drive to Nairobi. Off to Mathare to visit with the folks of Mumomatei and Pastor Ngila Gideon Muoki today.

From Tony yesterday:

Some of the folks who turned out to hear me preach today (plus Alex, who kind of had to be there). After church we had a nice drive back to Nairobi. We will be in Mathare slum tomorrow morning with one of our ministry partners here.

From Tony this morning:

Walked through Mathare this morning visiting homes of clients with our friend, Pastor Gideon from Mumomatei Foundation, Roberta Peterson and Alex Jones. Hard to even process the experience this soon.

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