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Mission Trip -March 2016

As some of you may know, we are planning a trip to Kenya in connection with Hope Africa Ministries for late March 2016. Going on this trip will be Tony Jones and his son Alex. Tony has been involved with this mission since it’s inception in 2007, both with Hope Africa Ministries and Christ Church, and he is currently a HAMI board member. Watch this blog for updates from their trip!

****************** LETTER FROM TONY RE: THIS TRIP:

Only the two of us are going, but we will be catching up with our Kenyan friends and contacts in the projects that Hope Africa supports. Among the things we will do are:

Visit Hope Educational Centre – We plan to spend roughly three days out in Sakwa at the school. I will focus my attention on the status of construction, the workings of the school board, the teachers and what needs to be done. Alex is probably going to focus mostly on the students – getting to know them, helping to create a better record-keeping system, and participating in class (they can teach him Kiswahili!). I also hope that we can spend some time with the medical providers that we have come to the school once a quarter both to learn more about the health of our students and what additional support they require. CLICK HERE to see the latest HOPE AFRICA update including info on the HOPE EDUCATIONAL CENTER! —>>> Hope Educational Center Update – January 2016

Work with Mumomatei – While we are in Nairobi, we are going to spend time with Pastor Gideon and work with him to help provide services to some of the HIV positive population in the Kibera and Dandora slums (prayer support, deliver medicine, learn more about the status of the micro-finance projects, etc.).

Visit Joy Springs School – Also in Nairobi, we will visit Pastor Charles and Rose at Joy Springs school in the Kibera slum. People who have visited this school know that it is a tiny spot in a horrible area, but that the love and joy there are amazing. It has been a while since we have visited, so we will learn how their school and other projects are doing and how we can be of support.

We will, of course, also catch up with and have a chance to worship and spend time with other friends (e.g., Bishop Henry) in Nairobi and elsewhere.

We have two primary purposes for the trip: to assess how things are going and where additional support is needed and would do the most good; and to get better video and still photo material about the projects to share with the donors and prayer supporters of Hope Africa.

Please consider making a donation to help defray the costs of the trip (with only two of us, they can’t get spread across a bunch of people) please do so at this page. We also will need a lot of prayer support during our trip for travel mercies and safety (I am going to hire a driver, though). We will figure out the best way of keeping people posted on developments related to the trip, so let us know if you are interested in being on that list, too.

Thank you and God Bless!! Tony ****************


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