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Arrival at Hope Educational Centre!

From Tony via Text...

Short update because we are having some internet problems (probably caused by the wild storm right now that has knocked out power (generator functioning)).

We had a great day. A long drive to Sakwa from Nairobi was made much more enjoyable because our driver, Robert, is awesome. The drive was made much more challenging by the fact that I had not bothered to get directions and it is not as if anyone has ever heard of Sakwa. I will brag more later, but we played a rather long game of "Tony, which road looks right?" I did pretty well and had my decisions confirmed by motorcycle taxi drivers and people walking at various places along the way.

Because we were coming, they held the lower primary classes a little longer than usual and everyone was there when we arrived. We were able to go to each class and greet the students and teachers. It was a lot of fun. Alex, in particular, seems to LOVE being mobbed by all the little kids (and talking with the older kids). We then got to visit the new school site and tour the construction. It looks great! The first floor needs windows and doors installed and some concrete pieces cleaned up and it will be ready to use. Then we can get to building the second floor so all classes will be able to be on the same property.

We will be back at the school tomorrow but is a holiday, but everyone is coming because we are here. There will be singing and speeches and playing with the kids and meeting with the staff. Our only problem is that there have been pretty bad storms tonight. The roads today were nearly impassible at points - I cannot imagine what tomorrow will bring.

From Tony (Facebook) -- "Made it to the school today - saw all 287 students (+/- any who were out) and the new construction. It looks great! Classrooms are very large, we once again have the nicest outhouses for kilometers and everything is built to be able to add on the second story. Also have a room in what was the part of Borabu that was under construction."


Roberta sent a picture of their arrival at Hope Educational Centre, and of one little boy in the Baby class who could not stay awake to greet them. The pictures are great so I wanted to post them for you to enjoy.

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