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Mara Visit

From Alex --

Today we got back to the guest house in Nairobi from our safari in the Mara. We had a wonderful guide there named Simon who was one of the tribe members from the Mara tribe. He took us all around to different places all over. We saw lions, leopards, cheetah, elephants, and much more. The service at the camp sight we stayed at was incredible. At night from our tents we could hear the monkey's running around and lions roaring. When we arrived back at the airport in Nairobi today our driver for the trip, Robert, picked us up and brought us to the bank where we exchanged US dollars for shillings, then we went and got a lot of water because tap water is not safe to drink here. We are now back at the guest house for the night before we leave very early tomorrow to go to our school in Sakwa. We are very excited and cannot wait for this excellent experience and to see the progress made on the school!

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